Learn more about our core services and the organizations that are a part of LIGHT.

Provider Integration Core

The Provider Integration Core focuses on aligning health care organizations in our region to ensure that they provide seamless, coordinated, and informed care for our seniors. This Core includes a diverse array of partner organizations whose geriatrics service streams are integrated, formalized, and assessed under strategic plans and professional development efforts that are developed, implemented and monitored by this Core.

Geriatric Education Core

The Geriatric Education Core focuses on enhancing geriatrics training and education across the spectrum of clinical and social service providers in our region. This Core develops and implements new and enhanced education activities for various segments of the geriatrics health care workforce. The Geriatrics Education Champions who lead these efforts receive ongoing support from this Core. This support positions them to be effective leaders at their home institutions.

Home and Community Based Services Core

The Home and Community Based Services Core focuses on community-based service provision, education of patients and families and delivery of programs that address Healthy People 2020 Objectives for Older Adults. This Core builds on LifeWorks’ years of experience in delivering HCBS in our region, coupled with educational and training experiences for LECOM. Two important aspects of this Core are its role in promoting sustainable community-based service provision by working in new ways with MAE primary care providers and its ability to act as a new training venue for students as part of revitalized geriatrics training efforts.

Administrative, Measurement and Evaluation Core

The Administrative, Measurement and Evaluation Core is responsible for managing the administrative aspects of the grant, as well as for all measurement and reporting of outcomes. Measurement and evaluation activities include tasks such as measure identification, data collection and management, and outcome report generation and delivery.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has representation from each of LIGHT’s partners as well as each of the LIGHT Core Directors and two community stakeholders—one patient and one caregiver. The Committee provides leadership to the project as a whole, and promotes organizational integration and achievement of LIGHT’s programmatic objectives.

LIGHT Collaborating Partners: